EdiGuard IDX380

Rugged Printing

High Speed

With the IDX 380 you can tackle even the largest print job. Now you can produce 120 single-sided or 60 dual-sided high-security cards in only one hour. You can also network up to 6 printers to run simultaneously, resulting in as many as 720 single-sided cards per hour.

High Quality

Create perfect prints every time. Choose from more than 16.7 million print colors at 300 dpi for unsurpassed print quality and clarity- even on uneven card surfaces like those found on smart chips and proximity cards. Additional print media includes CD ROM, laser, PET, PVC and ABS cards.

Easy to Use

The IDX 380 was designed with the end user in mind. Drop-in loading for cartridges and film, a 300 card supply drawer that can be reloaded during printing and color-coded display panels make the IDX 380 simple to operate by anyone in your organization.

Robust Encoding Capabilities

One ID card can have multiple applications, such as access control, time & attendance and cashless payment functionality- and these applications can have varied encoding technologies. Whether printing barcodes, magnetic stripes or smart chips, the IDX 380 prints and encodes in one, single run. As a result, card production is streamlined, cost efficiency is increased and printing errors are greatly reduced.

Enhanced Security and Durability

The IDX 380 enhances card security and durability through the ability to laminate translucent holograms and rugged polyester patches on both sides of the card. The printer itself also comes with password protection to avoid unauthorized use.

Lifetime Warranty

The IDX 380 comes with a lifetime print head warranty.*